Website Packages

Website PackagesWe develop Websites to meet your needs. We provide online solutions; ranging from a simple single "splash-page" through to complex multi-page sites that include your specific online business requirements and full integration with the Social Networking providers of your choice.

In all instances, the development process includes:

  • initial and ongoing consultation with the client.
  • clear and concise communication.
  • timely and agreed upon processes.

Once the scope of your project; whether it is simple or complex, has been developed, we work hard to ensure that you are fully "in the loop" throughout the process.

Website Packages

Package   Included Price **
 Website "Place Holder" Package *                   Logo           $100         
Basic text Informatiom 
 Website "Starter" Package * 1 Page   $200
Basic Graphics
Up to one A4 page of text
Up to 4 images
 Additional Pages (per Page)    As per Website "Starter" Package                $200   

Additional Website Features Available

Website Feature

                       Price **                        

 Online Form (up to 10 basic fields)                                                        


 Basic Comment functionality on articles


 Basic Discussion Forums


 Basic Blogging functionality


 Basic Image Gallery (up to 5 images)


 Community Social Networking Environment

price on request

Additional Services


Price **

 Domain Name Registration                                                                           

                from $50                

 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
 Initial service only - Price on Request for ongoing services


 Social Network Creation and Integration
 includes social services such as Facebook, Twitter, instagram, pinterest.


 Website Hosting (per Year)

        from $150         

Ongoing Costs

For static websites, the only ongoing costs will be the annual Website Hosting fee + renewal of the Domain Name registration every 2 years. Should you require changes to content, an hourly rate applies.

* For all packages; Text, Logos and photos are to be provided by you. Alternatively, Photography, image services and logo design are available (prices available on request)
* Does not include Domain Name Registration or Website Hosting.
** Prices are a guide only and subject to change

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