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Learning DevelopmentWe have extensive experience in both the Education Industry and Small Business. This places us in a unique position to be able to provide you with Learning and Development solutions that enable compliance requirements to be met and ensure that the best learning outcomes are achieved for your employees.

Our Learning and Development services include:

Course Design
We are able to work with you to design courses that satisfy compliance requirements and optimise learning outcomes for your employees. Depending on your requirements, you will be provided with a structured program that details both Learning Requirements and effective learning strategies to utilise. 

All programs utilise current research that informs us about how people learn.

Online Learning Tools
We are able to provide customised Online Learning tools within a Learning Management System (LMS) that utilise 21st century skills and enable flexible learning opportunities for participants. These tools can be used for both compliance and Learning and Development purposes.

Online learning tools that we are able to provide enable:

  • Course design and engagement
  • Social Interaction
  • Collaboration

Why KesamoLearn?
There are many reasons why you should engage us to provide your Learning and Development needs, but some key reasons include:

  • All of our online tools are developed using OpenSource software and code.
    • This ensures that you have the flexibility of not being locked into a fixed term contract, or tied specifically into our service. Because it is OpenSource, everyone has access to the code, therefore enabling you to engage providers of your choice to work on the system and not be locked into a single providor.
    • This also improves the long term viability of your product
  • Collectively, we have more than 40 years education experience. All of our Learning and Development work incorporates the research and an understanding about how people learn.

There are many possible ways to support your online Learning and Development requirements. We would welcome your enquiries about how we can support and/or manage this very important area of your organisation.

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