Family Cyber Safety Audit

The Kesamo Family Cyber Safety Service is designed to help parents ensure that they are able to have an oversight of their children's use of technology both within and out of the home and then manage these activities. Simply put:

It is the goal of our Family Cyber Safety Audit to enable you to manage
your child's technology use in such a 
way that they learn to use it appropriately
rather than ways that are destructive to both them and the family.

Family Cyber work1As a part of the audit, with the focus on the child, the family's activities and habits with each of the following will be investigated:

  • Social Networks such as Facebook and the many others available
  • Gaming - both locally in the home and online
  • Internet browsing habits and processes
  • Degree of management/control of devices that parents currently have
  • Security - habits and processes
  • Internet filtering in the home
  • Expectations of the parents
  • Digital Footprint and online reputation.

Following the investigation, a report outlining recommendations to improve your family's cyber safety and technology management will be provided. Kesamo will then assist you with implementing these recommendations.



"I have a 13 year old boy who loves his technology. This affected our family significantly - the secrets, not knowing what applications he was using, no interaction with the family, his security - his safety - all out of  our control. Thank you to Steve from Kesamo, I now feel like a parent again with control over social media. Through Steve’s thorough investigation, I was shocked that my son even knew of these potentially dangerous sites and that more importantly he was not aware how he put himself at risk. Steve has now created a greater comfort in not only my understanding but also my son’s safety. I have noticed that our family time has improved, no more arguing and my son has a greater focus on school work - which is amazing!  I can’t thank you enough Steve."


Privacy of Your Personal Information
Kesamo is very aware of the sensitivity of your private and personal information and is completely committed to ensuring that your information is protected. Prior to starting a Cyber Safety Audit, we provide you with a copy of our Privacy Policy and are happy to address any concerns that you may have; your privacy is a priority to us - the success of our business is dependent on this.



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